How To: View 3rd Degree and Out of Network Profiles on LinkedIn

If you’re one of the many recruiters or sourcers that do not have a LinkedIn Talent Finder or Recruiter account, you’ve likely noticed that viewing “full” 3rd degree connection profiles has become more of a challenge recently. Below you’ll find several solutions that will allow you to view full 3rd degree and Out of Network connections on LinkedIn with little effort.

At the time of this post, your best options are: “log out of LinkedIn” OR “open a private browsing session” OR “perform a Name Search“.

Because logging out of LinkedIn is pretty self explanatory, I’ll list how to accomplish viewing 3rd degree connections without ever having to log out of LinkedIn, which I personally would find quite inconvenient.

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Sourcing Github for Technical Talent

If you’re a technical recruiter or sourcer, then you’re likely familiar with Github’s existence. However, sourcing Github can be tricky and even intimidating for some, especially if you approach it as you would other social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Because Github is a community where developers share code, it’s best if you have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for as this is not the place for “title” recruiters/sourcers. If you’re looking for a software engineer, you’d be better served NOT using the term “software engineer” in your query and instead search for what the software engineer is working on.

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How To: Identify Passive Candidates on

With approximately 11 million members and more than 105k local groups, can be an incredibly valuable source for identifying talent and, like Github, offers numerous ways to access site content. Unfortunately, Meetup’s site search function is very limited where sourcers and recruiters are concerned.

From X-Raying using zip code radius to searching groups and group members hosted on custom domains, the following will help you find everything you need or want on Meetup.

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